First of all, in playing violin is about to interpret the often sensitive and sometimes sentimental melodies clearly and expressively.

Quite a few - perhaps due to lack of motivation or even caused by incorrect playing techniques – have to give up their dream of playing violin at an early stage. Mostly however don’t even aware of their potential and how much talent actually they have inside their vein.

Therefore, we have it make our duty to guarantee a methodically built up violin lessons for the beginners and advanced at our newly formed Cephas Music School in Singapore. Of course, this explicitly corresponds to the needs and talents of the students.

Highly qualified teachers contribute to the fun of making music and the joy of playing the violin in a very good and noticeable playing quality. Important for us is that beside the joy of having the violin lessons, we can pass on the various fundamentals of the technique too.

In addition, we offer a professional preparation for concerts, competitions, as well as entrance examinations. For young people and children who are highly musical talented, we have developed a special curriculum, which should help to ensure a diverse, individual developing of their musicality.

  • Beginner
  • Grad I  - III
  • Diploma