Music Psychology (2 - 5 Years Old)

Music Psychology is all about incorporating early childhood and music together, whereby children will benefit with the utmost musical knowledge during the childhood years. Especially in a child’s early years, they process the ability to acquire new concepts easily. Hence, this is the most suitable stage in their life to learn a new skill.

Our curriculum compromises of Music & Movement, knowledge on Basic Theory, Aural Skills and Music Appreciation. For every lesson, children will be engaged in Music & Movement such as moving their various body parts and movements to a song. Moreover, children will also be clapping or swaying to a specific rhythm using their body like a percussion instrument.

It is also essential for the children to gain fundamental understanding of basic theory. Thus, children will be taught note reading, various dynamic signs and musical concepts during the lesson. For example, forte, crescendo, time signatures and note rhythm. Learning is further enhanced with the aid of child appropriate materials and games. Some of our materials include a big floor keyboard and a variety of interactive hands-on materials.

Aural and listening skills involves children singing to a given pitch and listening to how a music progresses. Children will develop listening skills through a variety music played which enable the child to move creatively in different ways. Apart from that, children will be exposed to a simple piano playing, other classical instruments and non-tune instruments like triangle, castanets and maracas.

Lessons are tailored to suit the children’s learning styles and progress to create an enjoyable environment for them to learn in.