The keyboard is an extremely versatile instrument. It is used in various genres of music — especially in pop music. It is very popular and widely played. Usually, it form the harmonic foundation of a piece of music.

Keyboard is the generic term for all keyboard instruments, whose sounds are electronically generated. These include synthesizers, electric pianos, or electronic organs.

The first electronic keyboard instrument appeared in 1885. From 1980, the now common keyboard was established. A major reason for the large popularity of the keyboard is the versatility of sound development; almost sounding as realistic as piano to sounding like the experimental sound carpets, the possibilities are almost limitless.

You can begin keyboard lessons with us from as young as 6 years of age. In addition children we also teach young people and adults: whether beginner or advanced, or returnees - everyone is welcome.

While teaching we like to follow you or your child’s needs and preferences. Choose from different styles and musical possibilities, depending on whether you are looking for classical music, rock, pop or jazz.

The keyboard and piano has significant differences, despite similar keyboard techniques and musical design. Cephas Music School (CMS) offers lessons in both fields.

Digital pianos are (still) no adequate substitute for pianos. The ratio of stop-motion and sound design even with an expensive digital piano differs from the real piano; therefore we discourage digital pianos from your purchase. In case of doubt, a second-hand piano would be preferable. For further information, please contact our administration.

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