Guitar (Classic/Pop)

There are not many pieces of music that can completely do without the interaction with a guitar. Especially in the wide world of the industrial music genre, in which play an important role both the classical guitar, the bass, the electric guitar and the many other variants of this wonderful instrument.

What is closer than to satisfy for a professional guitar lessons at our newly formed Chepas Music School in Singapore? Because we offer a very comprehensive and interesting guitar lessons that will of the participating students.

This approach is able to contribute not only to an increased motivation of students, but at the same time the objectives can be arranged of course during lessons in the respective native language much more effectively. Ultimately, the joy of playing the guitar or the fun of making music is an essential prerequisite to achieve best possible in the long-term success.

Qualified teachers teach the basics of the art of guitar playing on the basis of most modern pedagogical practices on the one hand; on the other hand, they learn to interpret the individual pieces of music and compositions expressive. Beginners, experienced and also returnees are accordingly very well in our Chepas Music School in Singapore.

The teaching content be adapted of course exactly the needs and talents of our students and the teaching itself is modern and methodically built up. The dream of our students to be able to play the guitar can do so very easily with our professional support. In addition, we guarantee not least, an outstanding preparation in connection with forthcoming competitions, concerts etc., so that also an optimal and professional preparation for University exams can be guaranteed.

  • Guitar Beginner
  • Guitar Intermediate
  • Guitar Advance